Meet your top 12 Mr Gay World SA: Deen Daniels

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Deen Daniels

Cape Town Born Deen, grew up in a musical household. His father a DJ & Producer, his mom taking the roll of manager. Deen has a BACC in corporate communication from Varsity College.

Fast Facts:
Name: Deen Daniels
Age: 28 years old
Live: Cape Town, Southfield
Qualification Name: Bachelor of Arts In Corporate Communication (BACC) Institution: Varsity
College, Rondebosch


My name is Deen, born in Cape Town, however; living between Cape Town and Johannesburg for most of my life. As a kid, I grew up in a musical household where my father is a DJ and Producer and my mum his Manager. I have a younger brother who I love to pick on and call him out for looking years older than I am.


I am an Entrepreneur- working for myself on several projects in various disciplines. Before making this decision, I was and will always be deeply connected in the Events and Entertainment industry.

Due to COVID – 19, I was put to the challenge when being retrenched. This came as no surprise as events and gatherings were no longer permitted. Instead of diving nose-first into drugs and alcohol the easy choice, I chose myself first. What this meant for me was to use this time and identify what
my purpose is.

How/ Why I entered Mr SA – and how I feel after entering and making the top 12:
The above ‘’Career” section leads to where I am currently and how I found myself in the top 12 of
Mr Gay World South Africa, 2021.

When lockdown hit, I lost my job, connections with people and a steady income. I spent the first couple of months crying, hiding from the world and just trying to re-establish my identity after it was ‘’taken away’’ from me.

Soon enough, I looked at my surroundings to see how I can make use of what I already had- the answer was clear- me! I have my body. There were weights outside and good weather. I started working out relentlessly, cutting out the bad foods and removing alcohol from my diet. Months on my body was looking banging- although I still felt empty and not enough.

I ventured into meditation- the best thing I could have done for myself. I practised and still practice up to 30 mins to an hour of mediation daily, as I believe we can only achieve a healthy body, with a healthy mind. Fast forward to now- I am focusing my career and purpose through helping people with their body, teaching them tips and tricks for working out, and how sleeping and eating plays a fundamental role in our overall well being. Through love, patience and kindness, I found my purpose- that is, to help and serve others. With the support of the Mr Gay World Southern Africa team, together we have the potential to help so many others find their purpose.

Next steps:

Building my wellness brand. My brand was established in 2020 where I focus on fitness. I cover all areas from a positive mental health state of being, eating, and living, to lifting weights for building muscle.

I’m entering the next phase of the brand where I start hosting paid for personal training sessions and

Back at the ranch, I’m working on swimwear and fitness apparel I plan to launch Summer of 2022.

(Captured by Arturs Møvez ) - Instagram @artøvez
(Captured by Arturs Møvez ) - Instagram @artøvez

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