Another LGBT Character Is Batman’s Sidekick

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Comic book stories are at the forefront of pop culture, thanks to countless film and TV adaptations. But the adventures also continue on the page, and DC fans were recently surprised with the news that Robin Tim Drake would be exploring his sexuality in the comics. And shortly after that revelation, another LGBT character has taken on the sidekick mantle.

A number of comic book characters have worn Robin’s cape and mask through the years, starting with Dick Grayson. Historically Tim Drake was Batman’s third sidekick, and it remains to be seen how the Boy Wonder ultimately identifies. But now another LGBT character is at Batman’s side, namely one Harley Quinn.

This latest update from Bleeding Cool shows how Harley Quinn continues to be at the center of DC’s narratives across all mediums. Margot Robbie just brought her back to the big screen with The Suicide Squad, while Season 3 of Kaley Cuoco’s animated Harley Quinn series is expected on HBO Max. There’s also a Suicide Squad game in development, which will allow audiences to become the beloved femme fatale.

On the page, the Harley Quinn comics have recently seen the fan favorite character becoming an ally to the Bat-family. And in the latest issue Harley goes full Robin, in a look that mixes her costume and the Boy Wonder’s typical appearance. And just like that, there may be two queer Robins in the comics. After all, Harley has long been on the LGBT spectrum.

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