7 Reasons Why Guys Should Wear Speedos.

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So, you’re considering whether or not to rock a speedo this summer. I get it: They’re not for everyone. When folks traditionally think of speedos, they either imagine pot-bellied older guys at a nude beach or professional muscle men posing at a competition. But I’m here to dispel these myths and encourage all of us to take a second look at this most misunderstood of swimsuits.

1: They’re Flattering

Contrary to popular belief, speedos are actually quite flattering for most guys. While you may think you need a killer six-pack and beefy glutes to rock a speedo, the swim brief cut works well on almost any body type. Why? Well, in most cases, they’re less constricting than tighter swim trunks or shorts, so they don’t pinch the skin or create a “muffin top” look. Yes, you’re technically exposing more skin, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re exposing more flaws; in fact, a speedo could help de-accentuate them!

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