Moderna to start human trials of HIV vaccine.

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Moderna, which produced one of the Covid vaccines, could be about to start human trials for two of its HIV vaccines this week, according to the US National Institute of Health’s clinical trial registry.

The vaccines would use the same technology as the Covid vaccine produced by Moderna using a strand of mRNA and could provide a way of combatting the virus.

While many people have access to successful and vital treatments to prevent HIV infection, such as PrEP, this has the potential to dramatically change HIV treatment.

“All are welcome”

The trials could start as early as this week (Thursday 19 August) and run until 2023 according to the NIH and will involve 56 people aged 18-50. These trials can go ahead after Moderna’s vaccines passed safety tests earlier this year, after being tested on a handful of human volunteers.

Following the announcement, Matthew Hodson, the Executive Director of Aidsmap posted a link providing information on clinical trials and said there are approaches to vaccines at work adding: “All are welcome. We have some good reasons to be hopeful.”

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