‘Health Passport SA’ app awaits green-light from government.

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The development of the “Health Passport Worldwide”, a new mobile application, allows travellers to trot the globe freely with increased protection from Covid-19.

The technology which is currently being used in other countries has proved successful, but take-off in South Africa still requires buy-in from the national government. A process still in progress by the digital solutions company.

The application helps in combining secure mobile technologies with Covid-19 vaccinations and testing that will ensure a safer return to travel, for business and leisure.

The system has been built to enable businesses, events, travel, hospitality and much more to safely reopen. It has been developed specifically to work with all official vaccinations and test types, including PCR and rapid tests.

After vaccination, the system automatically creates an encrypted digital certificate unique to each person.

More-so, the application is safe to use ensuring that your privacy is fully protected. It doesn’t track user activities, use Bluetooth, GPS or monitor your location.

Liam McCreedy, GM at Health Passport South Africa says while they are being inundated with thousands of daily requests from the public to have their Health Passport Worldwide apps updated – they need to wait for the green-light from the national government.

“It is incredible to see the positive response but we urgently need the government to adopt the digital system today and provide this solution to the public. All the pieces are already in place, and everything can be integrated for the public without hesitation. The Health Passport system is already fully tested to the extreme in South Africa.”

Continuing: “We now just need the green-light so that South Africa can get back to business,” he said.

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