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Catholic Church sentences priest who they believe abused children to “life of prayer”.

(An absolute BS move.)

“He is to live in contemplation of his sins and pray for all of those affected by his conduct,” the Church said of the retired pastor’s “punishment.”

The Archdiocese of Boston has determined that a priest that led parishes under their supervision had sexually abused children in the 1960s. An internal “court” panel has determined that as punishment, he shall be barred from public ministry for the remainder of his life, meaning he cannot wear clerical attire, participate in Mass, or function as a priest for anyone.

Instead, “He is expected to dedicate his life to praying for victims and repenting of his past offenses,” the archdiocese announced. “In this way, the Church seeks even here to prevent any future abuse and to repair the injustice that has already taken place.”

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