Thys Santos-van Vuuren

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National Sales Manager, Twincare International

I am a National Sales Manager at Twincare International – we distribute professional hair and beauty products locally and overseas. Over and above that I am a part time actor at Brumilda’s Acting agency acting in local soapies from time to time.

Growing up rural had its perks. We never understood pretence and, in all honesty, it was the sheer freedom to be a child that will always stay with me. I often look back to these days in Hertzhogville in the Free State with fondness. Although our family farm will always be a critical part of my story it wasn’t big enough for me, I’ve always wanted more from life, so we moved to Johannesburg in 2000.

For most of my childhood we lived in Standerton, a small town situated in Mpumalanga and on weekends we were on the farm or in Johannesburg. I had the opportunity to grow up in all three of these settings and it shaped so much of who I am today.

I am currently residing in Johannesburg and spend my free time doing Latin and ballroom dancing and exploring the countryside over weekends.

I am a family man, married to Sergio Santos van Vuuren, my best friend. We got married in 2019, but have known each other for over 18 years.

I am quite involved in charity work and so is Twincare International. It is of utmost important to give back to the community and uplifting others.

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