Kevin Drábek

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After graduating with a Bachelor of German Studies, I read for and obtained a master’s degree in political science and International Studies from the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, and I prepared my thesis at the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Since then, I have held various positions in the international relations field. I currently occupy a responsible post in the branding and packaging department of an international retailer.

I won the Mr Gay Czech Republic and Slovak Republic pageant this year and represented these two countries at the 2021 Mr. Gay World competition. I hold two European Training Instructor licences – in Fitness and Bodybuilding. Because sport is integral to my life, I founded the movement called #IMOVEYOUTOMOVE. It focuses on both physical fitness and mental wellness, both doubly important in these uncertain times, and I am presently concentrating on developing these ideologies.

I stand for equality and acceptance by society of downtrodden minorities. Naturally. I follow closely the negative socio-political developments affecting the LGBTQ+ community in the neighbouring Eastern bloc countries, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, and Russia. On the broader platform, right curtailment in Muslim states and those with the Sharia system, and the plight of the transgender community are subjects of particular interest. There are, of course, problems of varying magnitude unique to each of the countries mentioned, and whilst I respect them all in a geographic, historic and cultural sense, I cannot, on any level, condone undemocratic discrimination – alien to our Western system of justice – which prevents people of different persuasions from being able to love freely and live their lives without fear. Complete acceptance and not mere tolerance is the ultimate goal. 

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