Infusion Therapy Clinics South Africa

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Infusion Injection

Outpatient infusion therapy offers new hope.

Nowhere does an undercurrent of depression and despair flow stronger than in the LGBTQ+ community. The reasons are many and, for the most part, well understood yet too infrequently articulated and addressed. While outsiders may see the mirrored surface of a peaceful river an undercurrent of emotion and hopelessness inevitably reaches rocky, shallow water and breaks the surface. Often tragically.

When Dr Alan Howard, consultant in Emergency Medicine and founder of Ketamine Clinics of South Africa first heard of the tragic and untimely suicide of Lance Weyer (former Mr Gay SA, DA Counsellor and psychologist) in late November this year, he was shocked, saddened, but not surprised.

“Tragedies like this galvanise me and provide added incentive and urgency to get the word out to vulnerable folk and communities that, where other treatments have failed, outpatient ketamine infusion can make a meaningful difference, particularly to suicidal thinking.”

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