Manie Connoway

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South African sculptor in bronze and other mediums.

My work blends nature, the metaphysical and the human form from the perspective of utmost glory to painful vulnerability… through themes of love, sex, sexuality, religion and politics. It bears testimony of a life that was heading towards implosion as a result of growing up in a typical ultra-conservative, religious milieu, hiding deepest, inexplicable yearnings and succumbing to conventional societal pressure. Through grace and artistic rebellion this process was turned around, leading to freedom and inner silence.

 It has been a liberating stroke of serendipity when I spread my wings to morally “land” on people’s prejudices, inhibitions and darkest secrets while creating a classical style castle in Graskop Mpumalanga (check This happened when I embellished the garden and guest suites with sculptures that evoked opposing reactions: extreme and angry condemnation versus uncontrollable laughter. Condemnation became irritating and often, painful, when guests wanting to stay over at the castle posted negative reports on the Internet, refused to pay or left without paying, covered paintings of nudes or antique sculptures with face cloths and curtains, and even worse, raped a valid perception of myself as a creation of God with, like any other human being: integrity.

This inspired me to create even more controversy, for example,

  • flying vagina fairies,
  • foreskin lamp shade,
  • penis fountain,
  • zombie-type religious perversion of a face with an anus mouth,
  • life size humanoid-insect with a gigantic human silicon rubber penis,
  • creating a parody “Silent Night” music video (main actors: humanoid insect and a life size sculpture of Jesus) ,
  • Joker god of hedonism and unbridled living
  • Scrotum Totem
  • Copulating “Dick-dung beetles”

But life remains magic … the splendour of nature, tenacious survival of Love and awe-inspiring beauty of the male physique is my sculptor’s compass for the future.

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