An outright propaganda war against Ivermectin in two latest trials

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When Covid-19 emerged in 2020, Ivermectin, a word that prior to the pandemic had not formed part of many people’s vocabularies, became a hot and very controversial topic.

Throughout the pandemic, Professor Colleen Aldous argued that the placement of our trust in a small group of experts who advocate against Ivermectin was being done at the potential cost of human life.

In this article, while Aldous puts forth that “with the pandemic having passed, the opportunity for a proper well-funded trial for Ivermectin to treat Covid-19 has been lost”, she argues that preparation of a protocol for future pandemics is required.

Aldous sets out the ways in which the analysis of recent pro-Ivermectin trials has been unsound “which shows how evidence-based medicine has been distorted to suit the agendas of corporate interests, failed regulation, and the commercialisation of academia”.

You can read the full piece here.



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