Jay P Joubert

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International author singer and songwriter.

Jay P started singing at an early age of 9 years old. Recorded a group album in 2002.

Jay P lives for the arts and creating beauty and loves plants especially. 

Jay P is an award-winning actor in the ATKV TienerToneel competition. In 2005 Jay P won Bayside Idols, it wasn’t enough. So he chased making music and released his first solo album Jay J in 2011, soon Accents of Light followed and Stronger. In 2021 with eight years of absence Jay P teamed up with Manii Mor and brought The Single Amen and in 2022, Dance Like 1989, which achieved 5 times no 1 on 2 different radio stations, which is a song on why Jay P loves music. 

In 2022 Jay P did a range of gay erotic art called QUINTESSENCE Male Omega Series, under House Of Chez Hantie with a new method he calls The Chez Hantie Method. 

Jay P is a UK/USA published author of Arise (2014) and his latest offering Redemption, published September 2022, is a book on his own coming out and the challenges faced in that time. Jay P hopes to inspire freedom and others to be themselves as part of the LGBTQI community. 


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