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For many years, prominent South African writer and film critic, Leon van Nierop has been reviewing gay movies for the magazine. And now his recommendations and critiques will be made available to you right here! Perfect for that Sunday afternoon when you are looking for something to watch. Check in from time to time for new reviews! Happy chilling, boys.

American LGBTQ+ Museum breaks ground.

LGBTQ celebrities, elected officials, and board members led a groundbreaking ceremony on September 14 to welcome the forthcoming American LGBTQ+ Museum, which is expected to begin construction next year.

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Iggy & Ace: a zany Aussie comedy.

Iggy & Ace is the story of two gay best friends — and their drinking habits. Their favourite hobbies are happy hour pub crawls and getting wasted on wine while watching Bondi Rescue.

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Superman Will Soon Be Announced As Gay.

DC is showing its pride by expanding its LGBT+ representation with some of its most iconic characters. The newest Superman, Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent’s son, will be announced to be gay, according to former DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver.

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7 Reasons Why Guys Should Wear Speedos.

So, you’re considering whether or not to rock a speedo this summer. I get it: They’re not for everyone. But I’m here to dispel these myths and encourage all of us to take a second look at this most misunderstood of swimsuits.

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Ricky Martin Shaved His Beard and He Bangs!

In case you missed it, Grammy-winning Latin pop artist, father, husband, and Out cover star Ricky Martin transported us back to the late ’90s and early aughts when he took to social media and posted a black-and-white selfie of his incredibly handsome — and freshly shaven — face.

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Sexy Show Dominates Hunters Nightclub

Sensually aerobatic and sexually athletic, the performers of AirOtic amaze audiences. The show is an intimate celebration of the body and companionship developed by Stephane Haffner and his husband Kyle Kier.

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