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I took advantage of the easing of lockdown restrictions two weeks ago and headed off on holiday. Not that I’d been having such a bad time of lockdown. But wider vistas were in order. I did what many thousands of other Gautengers had decided to do, judging by the lines of 4x4s piled high with the best camping gear on offer, and the butch bush-camp trailers and assorted caravans on the south-bound N3 toll gates at the end of the long weekend.

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Ill-treatment of minorities will end only if consensus becomes the foundation of our institutions

Africa is not short of ill-treated minorities. While on this part of the continent, race and nationalism dominate the political scene, ethnicity is a bigger problem in many other countries. It was ethnic conflict which led to the worst genocide in African history; it was ethnic conflict that motivated Robert Mugabe’s brutal massacre of the Ndebele, and even in South Africa it was ethnicity that drove the violence between the IFP and ANC.

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Scientists explore surprise theory for low death rate

Infection and death rates in many African countries have turned out to be much lower than initially feared. As the number of infections dips sharply in South Africa, experts there are exploring a startling hypothesis, as our Africa correspondent Andrew Harding reports from Johannesburg.

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Linda de Jager has worked as a personal assistant for many years and during lockdown she saw the need for personal assistants to go virtual. This led her to found her company LDJ VA.

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Brian Pottinger, former publisher and editor of the Sunday Times, has been watching the global – and South African response – to the Covid-19 pandemic with deepening mistrust. Here, he examines the myths which he says have grown up, or been perpetuated, around the disease. From fatality rates to epidemiological models, and from medical treatments to statistical models, he takes on much that is accepted wisdom about the virus.

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