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Confronting the real ‘power hierarchy’ barring SA’s upward mobility

The real ‘power hierarchy’ barring SA’s upward mobility

In his snide critique of the IRR and other opponents of the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination (Pepuda) Amendment Bill (the Bill), Professor Pierre de Vos of the University of Cape Town Law Faculty indicates that all inequalities in South Africa are the result of ‘structural or systemic barriers’ resulting from the ‘power hierarchy’.

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Polycythemia and Covid-19

Polycythemia means too many cells and the primary risk is blood clotting, which is lethal to 1 in 4 people globally & annually affects 900 000 people in the US.

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Forty-five years after the Soweto Revolt

Yesterday marked the 45th anniversary of the start of the Soweto Revolt. Back then, on 16th June 1976, black South Africans faced pervasive racial discrimination in education, employment, home ownership, land purchases, and many other spheres.

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