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Meet the Panda Members

A group of multi-disciplinary professionals, who perceived the global reaction to Covid, and lockdown in particular, as overwrought and damaging to the point of causing a great tear in the fabric of society, established PANDA (Pandemics Data & Analytics) in April 2020.

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Poverty and Hunger Persist

Why do poverty and hunger persist?

Poverty and hunger appear to be persistent problems, and many people hold capitalism in general, and neoliberalism in particular, responsible for perpetuating them. This is a mistaken belief, and the data prove it.

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Stanford Professor Ioannidis Weighs In on Coronavirus Vaccines

Professor Ioannidis Weighs In on Coronavirus Vaccines

In an exclusive interview, Stanford University Professor Dr. John Ioannidis spoke with Greek Reporter this week, assessing the different vaccines being administered currently around the world and giving his opinion on how the global fight against the coronavirus is faring.

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The economic consequences of EWC

The passage through Parliament of the Expropriation Bill, which is likely later this year, will be a watershed moment in South Africa’s post-1994 politics, with vast implications for the economy.

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